Birthday Parties

We do Birthday Parties!

Our most popular Birthday Party runs for an hour and includes a half hour lesson followed by a half hour trail ride around the property,

We can do full hour lessons or full hour trail rides, and of course longer rides.

We also do half hour led pony rides for young ones.

How it works:
BYO party food and drink, and party supplies to jazz up the shed and tables, we have fridges and a microwave, you can stay up to an hour after the ride and have party food, pat the ponies and make a mess it won’t matter.

You don’t have to stay and have food there, teenagers usually like to ride and then go. We are happy to do private rides for them at no extra cost on regular prices. So long as there is a minimum of 4 riders.

Led Pony rides $20pp half hour

Hour lessons, trail rides or half and half $45pp, $40 for 6 or more riders, maximum of 10

Longer rides as normal prices, have 6 or more and receive a $10pp discount.

For further information on prices and availability, please feel free to contact us.